Products & Services

FIRE AND ALLIED PERILS Residences, Offices including Commercial, Warehouse & Industrial establishments
MOTOR VEHICLE Private, Commercial & Utility Vehicles
MARINE HULL AND CARGO Vessels, Various Goods & Merchandize including Inland Transit Coverage with Truck Risks Clause against Collision, Overturning of Vehicles, Robbery & Hi-Jacking
ENGINEERING Construction, Erection & Electronic All Risk
BONDS Performance, Surety, Judicial & Customs
AVIATION Aircraft, Hull Machinery & Equipment
LIABILITY Personal & General including Products, Directors & Officers
LIFE & ACCIDENT Group & Individuals including Travel
FLOATER Heavy equipments
CASUALTY Money Inside/Outside Premises & Payroll including Fidelity Guarantee, Business Robbery/Burglary
MEDICAL Healthcare Insurance for Corporate Employees & their Dependents


The local staff of Avenues Insurance Brokers, Inc. is highly qualified to conduct an insurance audit for its corporate clients to determine the type of policies, coverage extensions and other insuring conditions needed to adequately protect their interests and risk exposures. We also ensure that the appropriate insurance contracts/placements for both individual and commercial clients are secured at the best and most competitive terms in the market.


The Company is like an extension office for all its clients especially where claims are concerned. A major part of our role as an Insurance Broker is to process & negotiate claims for on behalf of our Assureds. We believe that only a quick and fair settlement of all valid & legal claims is the best proof of “After sales” service. Towards this end, we believe in consistently and continuously upgrading our staff’s qualifications in order that we may not only deliver, but deliver the best service possible.


In keeping pace with technology, the company has already computerized its operational and accounting functions i.e. quotations, proposals to clients, placements/remittances to insurance companies, expiry listings/renewal notices including preparation of invoices, checks, vouchers and other related functions. The installation of a recently upgraded software & hardware systems for the company’s “backroom” operations will continuously enhance the levels of efficiency on the delivery of services to our clients.